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Maintain Your Washing Machine and Dryer Proper Way

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Nov 15. Let Me Repair.

Laundry is a constant and everyday necessity for everyone. With each load, the washing machine and dryer require regular maintenance, so they last a long time and perform as intended. The washing machine and dryer are those obedient servants who are waiting calmly for their subsequent usage. They are reasonably priced, well-built, and easy to use. If kept properly, they'll serve you for many years. You can minimize washer and dryer repair costs and increase their lifespan with a few simple steps. We have listed some practical maintenance tips; keep reading to check them out.

Empty The Washing Machine Of Any Wet Laundry As Soon As You Can

Maintaining a washing machine is one of the simplest but most important tasks. Wet garments left in the washer produce unpleasant odours and, if left there for an extended period, can develop mold and mildew.

Avoid Overloading Washing Machine And Dryer

Both your washer and dryer should follow this guideline. You might believe that stuffing the washer or dryer with multiple loads will save you time, but the opposite is true. Overloading your washing machine can result in poor washing outcomes, torn clothing, and washer damage due to the machine being out of balance. Overloading your dryer obstructs the hot air that your garments require to dry, which extends the drying process. Additionally, it results in a malfunction.

Examine the Door

Check the door gaskets for dampness if you use a front-load washing machine. Wetness can lead to the growth of mold and mildew, which can keep the door from properly sealing during the wash cycle. Checking the front loader door gaskets for the dampness is another easy suggestion. After each use, dry the gaskets and leave the door slightly ajar so that air can circulate and evaporate any moisture that may have accumulated.

Examine the Hoses

A broken water hose can leak hundreds of gallons per hour into your house if left unattended. Check your hoses multiple times a year to avert this disaster. If you notice any fractures or cracks, unplug the appliance, shut off the water to both hoses, and then replace them, ideally with braided metal hoses that won't burst. Last but not least, replace your hoses every five years.

Clear the Lint Trap

Lint poses a danger to both you and your dryer. If lint accumulates in the ducts or lint screen, it can cause a dryer to catch fire. It is estimated that thousands of fires have sparked due to washing machines and dryers, resulting in fatalities, injuries, and direct property damage costing huge losses. To save yourself from this, Use a large brush or hand vacuum to remove any clumps of lint at the bottom of the trap and remove the lint screen after each load. Check the trap with a flashlight to see if it is empty.

Clean the Venting Duct of the Dryer

Clean your dryer's venting system from the dryer to the exterior at least once a year. If the duct is made of plastic or ribbed metal, replace it with smooth metal. And make sure there are no obstacles in the exterior vent. Hire a professional if you need help to complete this task.

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