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Nov 15. Let Me Repair.

Imagine you're about to depart for work at a very early hour. You throw a load of dirty laundry into the Washing machine with a full dryer just before you leave the house. And finally, when you return home in the evening, your clean, freshly dried clothing is waiting for you. Hassle-free, isn't it?

Owning a washing machine with a dryer has several significant benefits. Anything that simplifies laundry is a divine convenience. Particularly if you're on the go and it isn't easy to get your laundry from the machine to the clothesline. A washing machine with a full dryer is essentially two machines in one. Let's find out more about its benefits.

One-Step Wash & Dry

In the time it takes to transfer your clothing from the washing machine to the dryer or hang clothes to air-dry, you can do other essential things for the day. You can fit in other chores with Washer and Dryer combo, as it offers washing and drying in the same cycle.

Many Drying Options

Regular washer-dryers typically only have one drying setting with a spin dry option, leaving you with wrinkled cotton items and occasionally damaged delicate fabrics from the high heat. Choose an alternative that pays attention to your needs!

  • Time dry: Smaller loads of laundry will dry faster with a Time Dry setting based on the size of your load.
  • Eco Dry: Choose Eco Dry, which uses low temperatures to dry all fabric types while conserving electricity, to do your part for the environment.
  • Iron Dry: When using the Iron Dry option, clothing is permitted to keep just the correct amount of moisture, making it simple to iron out any wrinkles.
  • Gentle Dry: Using the Gentle Dry option employs low temperatures for delicate materials to protect heat-sensitive clothing.
  • Cupboard Dry: Some of the best washer-dryers also have this option, where you can put your clothes straight from the washing machine to the wardrobe.

Use Steaming Instead of Dry Cleaning

No longer need to dry clean designer labels or clothes reserved for special events. Many Washing machines with full dryers have Steam and Dry options. By using this option, you can save time and money. They use advanced technology to sanitize your clothing against microorganisms, dust, and fungi; they also remove 99.9% of the germs on them and infuse them with a clean scent. Additionally, compared to primary washing machines, the Steam and Dry function consume less water and energy. Everybody wins in this situation!

If you're having trouble with your washing machine with a full dryer, you need not worry; our expert technicians at LetMeRepair can fix your problem quickly with just one call away.

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washing machine repair in bangalore

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