LG fully automatic washing machine 8kg not starting

LG Fully Automatic Washing Machine 8kg

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Nov 28. Let Me Repair.

Are you irritated and asking yourself, 'Why is my LG fully automatic washing machine of 8kgs not starting'? The issue often has a simple solution despite how annoying it is when your washer won't start.

The possibilities are that you may have chosen the wrong wash cycle, which has delayed an immediate start, there may be an issue with the power source, or the door latch is not properly shut. To solve the problems with starting your LG washing machine, here's a guide that will help you identify the issue and then choose the most appropriate action to take.

Common Reasons Why Your Lg Washer Doesn't Start
Check The Power Source

There might be a power issue if your LG front-load washer is not turning on and other buttons are also inoperative.

  • Ensure that the power cord is inserted into a functional outlet - Unplug the washer and plug in a small device to the outlet to be sure it is receiving power.
  • Keep extension cords away - These cords produce surges that cut off power because they cannot conduct the voltage that a washer needs.
  • Examine your breakers for trips - Check the circuit breaker box in your house for tripped breakers and reset them if necessary.

It might be essential to reset the washer after a power failure for it to work again. Unplug the LG washer and hold the POWER/START button for 5 seconds to reset it. Press and hold the PLAY/PAUSE button for 5 next seconds. Now, the washer should start up when it is plugged back in.

The Door Latch Is Not Shut

Before starting the wash cycle, a front load washer door must be closed and latched correctly as a safety precaution and to prevent washing machine leaks. Always push the door shut firmly to ensure the latch is in place. Firstly, check if any clothes are overhanging the door or lid. Another reason for the washer not starting could be the lack of maintenance. Without routine cleanings, the door's gasket may gather mould and mildew, endangering the door's ability to close. Ensure that your front-loading washer has regular gasket cleanings to close the door securely. Apart from that, a faulty latch could be a possibility as well. If the door closes properly, but still the cycle doesn't start, the latch might be broken. It needs to be replaced if there are any obvious signs of damage or if multimeter testing reveals a lack of continuity.

Verify The Setting Of Your Wash Cycle

Verify the cycle settings to make sure the appropriate one is chosen. When Delay Start is turned on, a wash cycle's start time can be set to begin at a later time. After being turned on, the washer's display will show the passing of time. Keep pushing the selected button until the displayed hours cycle back to zero to turn off Delay Start.
Always examine the display panel for error codes pointing to a problem, even if the cycle settings are accurate. These codes use a mix of numbers and letters to represent various problems, some of which can delay a start.

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