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About Microwave Repair services

We undertake microwave oven repair service and offer quicker service. We understand how important microwave in your kitchen is. We use microwave for cooking and heat our food quickly. Our expert service team can deliver the service and repair your microwave within a week based on components availability. A Microwave is an electronic home appliance which cooks or warms our food using low frequency waves generated by electromagnetic principle. The Electromagnetic waves are absorbed by food molecules like water and heat is generated when these molecules get energized and vibrate. Microwave has 3 basic components,

  • Magnetron built using a vacuum tube with magnets, tungsten & thorium filament, copper anode and cooling fins which generates the energy to heat food.
  • Wave guide installed inside the inner walls of chamber which directs the energy produced by magnetron to food.
  • The body, the chamber to hold the food and contain the microwave radiations safely.

Smaller issues during service like wire damage or power supply issues cost lesser and can be replaced from our readily available resources. If there is an issue with Magnetron, waveguide or chamber, we need more time to fix these components and replacing these components may cost you higher. And in some cases, we recommend our customers to replace these components if these are not repairable.

A damaged chamber or the body of the microwave cannot be repaired, and we recommend in such cases to our customer to replace the unit with a new microwave. We have several business partnerships with manufacturers, and we can recommend a best microwave for your kitchen with exciting discount offers from us. We provide service to many manufacturing brands, and we get discount offers from manufacturers. We will be happy to transfer the discount offers to our customers. You can call us or visit our website or book a service request for further information.

Our Microwave repair service is comparatively better than other service providers because we store common components for repair service, and we give you quick service. Our store has components from all major manufacturing brands, and we provide our customers with most cost-effective solution in less time.

You can book a service call from us for inspection and take quotation from us for complete price break up and expected date of delivery to your doorstep. We are working all days in the week, and we expect to deliver your microwave within 3-4 days’ time.


How does Let Me Repair work?

We are happy to provide repair service based on your call or you can send us a query or book an inspection request. We operate in Bangalore and surrounding locations. We can provide repair service at best possible cost and quick service. Get in touch with us on website or call us to know more.

Does Let Me Repair Provide video call assistance?

Yes, we provide Video call assistance on demand based on customer requests on a chargeable basis. Usually we don’t expect our customers to handle the repair service by them self. We recommend service by trained and qualified technicians. Our team can visit your location to provide the required service. We may pick the appliance to our shop for further testing and repair quickly.

What are the charges of Let me Repair for inspection visit?

We charge only Rs.250 for inspection visit in your location.

Is it worth repairing a 5-year-old microwave?

Yes, if the cost of repair is 50% of the New Microwave, we recommend repairing the old. We at Let Me repair provide most cost-effective service and charge you for only what is necessary.

What is the average cost of microwave repair?

It starts from 250 and charges will be less than 50% of your machine cost. In some cases, only replacing Magnetron may cost you 1500 to 2000 Rupees.

Do you provide microwave spare parts buy online option?

Yes, we provide spare parts; you can buy from online option. We don’t expect our customers to repair the machines by them self. We provide qualified and trained technicians to repair your machine. You can share your address and a suitable time for our visit for the repair services.

Do you have spare parts from all manufacturers to buy from online option?

Yes, we have stored spare parts from all major manufacturers, you can search for the right product and place the order for exact spare parts; we can come to your doorstep and make sure to fix your machine properly.

What about warranty from manufacturers?

We can check if your microwave is covered under the warranty and ensure you get the authorized and required service from your manufacturer. Normally the microwaves are sold with one or two years of warranty. Warranty is subject many terms and conditions. We are authorized service providers for many manufacturers. We can check your warranty and repair if it falls under warranty from us without extra cost. We provide warranty for some products we use while repair service. We provide you with warranty cards and invoice with details. We recommend our customers to keep a record of warranty card and produce it for next service call. It makes us easy to track your warranty period and provide you best possible solutions within warranty period.


  • Ensure you understand the time settings and you know exactly how long you need to cook your food. Read the product catalogues and be aware about the various settings and operation manual.
  • We recommend cleaning your microwave with cleaning agents to keep your food hygienic
  • Always close the food while cooking or heating the food in microwave
  • Keep the microwave in open space; ensure there is enough space for oven for cooling.
  • Ensure other objects are not obstructing the ventilation of microwave.
  • Ensure the wires and plug points are connected properly and no loose connections

Microwave oven and warming drawer combo

We are offering the new model of microwaves with warming drawer. It is called Microwave oven and warming drawer combo. This is manufactured and supplied by major brands, and we are selling these products since its inception in market. You can ask our team for a demo or book your new product online. We can arrange the delivery and installation in your location..

Microwave oven with warming drawer is a product which makes it easy to place our food in the drawer and close it. Unlike our conventional oven where we open the door and place our food inside the oven, this drawer combo is spacious and made for convenience for more quantity. Often the oven has limited space and we are not able to place a larger food bowl. This microwave oven and warming drawer combo address this issue and make it possible to place larger food bowls inside for quick heating and cooking. Microwave oven and warming drawer combo will increase your aesthetic look of your kitchen and your kitchen will look better than before making it easy for cooking and convenient.

Let us know if you would like your old Microwave to be upgraded and changed to the new MICROWAVE OVEN AND WARMING DRAWER COMBO.


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