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About LCD and LED Repair services

We understand it’s most annoying when your TV is not working properly. Our family and children are mostly watching TV every day. We offer TV repair service. Our expert service team can deliver the service and repair your TV within a week based on spare parts availability.

A Television is a display unit, which is an electronic system for watching visual images with sound by receiving and converting electrical signals, transmitted by wireless technology or cables. A LED and LCD TV have many components. Example power supply units, Main mother Board with transceivers which receive inputs and send out puts, back light inverter, LED driver, LCD lamps, Timing controller and Screen..

Most commonly TV has Power supply issues which can be repaired within a day or two. Other issues with Main mother Board, back light inverter, LED driver and Timing controller takes longer time and may cost you higher. Our expert team can repair your TV on most reasonable time and cost.

If you have a broken or damaged screen, it will take probably 6-10 days to repair. The screen has to be dismantled from the unit, screen cover has to be removed and replaced with a new screen. This process takes longer, and it cost you higher.

Sometimes, if the cost of repairing your TV is costlier, we recommend our customers to buy a new TV in rare cases.

Our store has most of the components required for TV repair and we are happy to provide service to customers in lowest possible cost to the customers. Our team is experienced, qualified and trained in this service from many years. Our team can suggest you best solution and provide repair service as soon as possible

You can book a service call from us for inspection and take quotation from us for complete price break up and expected date of delivery to your doorstep.

We are working all days in the week, and we expect to deliver your TV repair as soon as possible.


How does Let Me Repair work?

We are happy to provide repair service based on your call or you can send us a query or book an inspection request. We operate in Bangalore and surrounding locations. We can provide repair service at best possible cost and quick service. Visit our website and book a call to get it fixed.

Does Let Me Repair Provide video call assistance?

Yes, we provide Video call assistance on demand based on customer request on chargeable basis. Usually, we do not want our customers to handle the repair service by them self. but We recommend service by trained and qualified technicians. Our team can visit your location to provide the required service. We may pick the appliance to our shop for further testing and repair quickly.

What are the charges of Let me Repair for inspection visit?

We charge only Rs.250 for inspection on visit in your location.

Is it worth repairing an old TV

Yes, if the cost of repair is 50% of the New TV, we recommend repairing the old. We at Let Me repair provide most cost-effective service and charge you for only what is necessary.

What is the average cost of TV repair?

It starts from 250 and charges will be less than 50% of New TV. In most cases a TV repair may cost you anything between 500 to 5000 rupees depending upon the damaged parts. It may cost you higher in exceptional cases.

Do you provide TV spare parts to buy from online option?

Yes, we provide spare parts; you can buy from online option. We don’t expect our customers to repair TV by them self. We provide qualified and trained technicians to repair. You can share your address and a suitable time for our visit for the repair services.

Do you have spare parts from all manufacturers to buy from online option?

Yes, we store spare parts from all major manufacturers, you can search for the right product and place the order for exact spare parts; we can come to your doorstep and make sure to fix your TV with the suitable parts.

What about warranty of my TV from manufacturers?

We can check if your TV is covered under the warranty and ensure you get the authorized and required service from your manufacturer. Normally the LED and LCD TV are sold with one or two years of warranty. Warranty is subject many terms and conditions. We are authorized service providers for many manufacturers. We can check your TV warranty and repair your TV if it falls under warranty from us without extra cost. We provide warranty for some products we use while repair service. We provide you with warranty cards and invoice with details. We recommend our customers to keep a record of warranty card and produce it for next service call. It makes us easy to track your warranty period and provide you best possible solutions within warranty period.


  • Use an external Power Regulator unit like V guard to avoid sudden changes in Power supply.
  • Ensure the wires and plug points are connected properly and no loose connections
  • Don’t use the TV for more than 3-4 hours continuously; switch off for cooling in between.
  • Watch from specified distance to avoid damage to your eyes.
  • Ensure you have installed and fixed properly to avoid falling or damaging the screen
  • Avoid directly switch off your TV from Main switch, always switch off the unit then switch off the Switch
  • Use clean and dry cloth to clean your screen. Don’t use anything which can damage your screen while cleaning.
  • Read the safety and operation manual supplied by manufacturers for all safety and precautionary measures.

Cheapest best TV motherboard

We are offering the new model of TV motherboards which are cheapest and best for your TV. These are made by a reputed manufacturer, and it is suitable for all major LCD and LED TV brands. We have tested these mother boards and found very economical and suitable option for replacing it with your faulty mother boards in your TV.

These mother boards are manufactured in line with the latest technology and best components available in the market. These will give you unmatched experience to your TV. We are offering 6 months warranty and will provide service in your location with no extra cost if there is any issue with the mother boards. Our expert team is available to address these issues and can repair or replace the mother board if it is falling under the warranty. We recommend our customers to keep the purchase invoice handy and produce the same during the service procedure. This will make us to serve you better in case of warranty. Our team is available on call and give you suitable repair service as soon as possible.

These cheapest best TV motherboards are available with us, making us easy to replace quickly and offer you unmatched experience of TV repair service in lower cost.

You can book a service call from us for inspection of your damaged TV and take quotation from us for repair services. We are working all days of the week. You can visit our website or call us for more information and details.


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