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Panasonic NA-F80S8SRB Fully Automatic Top Load Washing Machine 8 Kg has an Energy Efficiency rating of A+++ and AutoCare wash programs that sense the wash load and adjust the wash settings automatically. SteamAction features eliminate odours and allergies without the use of dangerous chemicals. The machine is easy-to-use, affordable, with excellent wash quality, suitable for large families and provides an amazing washing capacity that runs at 50 Hz.

Everything seems great until something goes wrong! Check out a variety of Panasonic washing machine error code issues and solutions to assist you in overcoming any obstacles.

Panasonic fully automatic washing machine 8kg error codes
Error codes for Panasonic washing machines can differ between models. Below are a few examples from a list of Panasonic washing machine error codes:

Panasonic Error Code U11:

It indicates that the washer cannot drain. The problem may be brought on by several things, including a clogged or obstructed filter, faulty drain pump wiring, damaged level sensor wiring and level sensors or switches. In addition, the ability to drain can be affected by the lid switch assembly, drain hose, water pump belt and door lock. To have any repairs done regarding this, you'll need to schedule a visit from an appliance expert.

Panasonic Error Code U13:

The code U13 means that the machine is not able to spin. The appliance may have detected an unbalanced load as the cause if the load is small. If a load of laundry is too heavy, it must be reduced and reloaded; and if it is too light, additional clothes must be added to keep a balance. The setting position must be adjusted if the washing machine is on an unstable or unsteady surface. If the issue continues, a technician must inspect and possibly repair or replace the door latch, motor control board, drive belt and motor coupling.

Panasonic Error Code H04:

It indicates that the main electronic control board's power relay has a short circuit. A skilled technician will need to safely inspect the wiring and make any necessary electronic replacements or repairs.

Panasonic Error Code H43:

It indicates that a leak has been found in the appliance's base and that it is necessary to identify its cause. For example, the pump hose, the tub seal, the drain pump or the drain hose could all be involved. An experienced appliance repair expert can easily handle this type of Panasonic washing machine repair.

You need to make one call for professional washing machine repair service or maintenance. LetMeRepair in Bangalore makes the process simple and quick - we are happy to help you with your washing machines in any possible way.

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