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LG is one of the leading manufacturers of washing machines in India. LG has become a trusted and reliable brand for consumers with a wide range of products and models. Whether it's their Semi- Automatic Washing Machine, Fully Automatic Washing Machine, Front Load, Top Load, or Washer and Dryer Combo – LG offers quality products with an exquisite design. However, your LG washing machine is prone to faults and issues like any other appliance. From minor problems that can fix to serious repairs that need expert help – your washer might go wrong at some point.

Here's a guide on the most frequent problems with LG washing machines and their root causes:

LG Drain Pump Stopped Working After 4-6 Years of Use

Whether front or top load, automatic or semi-automatic model, drain pumps mostly fail to work after 4- 6 yrs. of usage. If your LG washing machine's drainage has stopped working properly, the problem is mainly with the drain pump.

Sometimes the drain pump might become clogged with foreign objects, little debris, or pieces of worn- out fabric.

Even the drain pump might occasionally make too much noise, and when it does, the first sign that the drain pump needs your attention.

You will need to check if the pump is blocked or malfunctioning by accessing it.

If you find anything inside the pump, take out everything, and if there's nothing but the pump is still making noises or not working, then you need to replace that part.

LG Motor Wire Harness Broken

The extremely common issue with the top load model of LG washing machines is that you will notice strange noises during the spin cycle. This issue concerns the wiring harness, which is connecting to a motor.

Wires commonly break off due to frequent vibrations. Examine all the wires and if any of them is burnt or broken, then repair the broken wire or simply replace the wiring harness.

LG Washer Leaking from Bottom or Overfilling

Another common issue is that the water inlet valve in LG washers might also develop defects from time to time. The valve may have a defect due to calcium buildup or regular wear and tear, resulting in water leaking from the washer or the tub filling up with water. You can inspect the valve using a multimeter to check for continuity, and if it is defective, it should be replaced rather than repaired.

LG Washing Machine is not spinning

Several issues can result in incorrect or stopping of spin. Two common problems are a broken belt - this can fix, and a stuck drive motor - which requires professional repairing. Other causes include:

  • Failing of the lid switch
  • Failing of door latch.
  • Unbalanced or unleveled washing machine.
  • Defected control board.
  • The tub bearings are broken.

LG Washing Machine Shaking Too Much

This problem mainly occurs in front-load models. The washer tends to shake and bounce too much when it has issues with shock absorbers or suspension rods. Over time, the suspension rods and bracing that supports the washing machine may deteriorate and fail. But do not worry, replacing it is an easy part.
If that doesn't solve the problem, check if the shock absorbers are in the correct place, but if worn out or damaged, it needs replacement.

If the interruption or stopping of your washing machine drives you crazy and you hesitate to proceed by yourself, then we are at your service. LetMeRepair knows this is an important problem and probably the biggest inconvenience. We also know how important your washing machine is to you, so we're here to ensure that it works hassle-free.

If you wish to connect with us, it's super easy. When you call us or email us, we'll visit your place, look at your machine, assess the problem, tell you what needs fixing and get it fixed. And if we think it's beyond repair, we'll go ahead and replace the part that needs fixing. That's all!

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washing machine repair in bangalore

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