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When your washing machine starts making unusual noises while spinning or when the inner drum gets stuck and doesn’t move, there could be a damaged bearing. Due to frequent usage, wear and tear, the washing machine bearing can get damaged in older washing machines. Sometimes the issue can be a piece of laundry stuck between the inner drum and outer drum which is blocking the movement. If otherwise it’s damaged bearing in your washing machine which is resulting in a lot of unusual noise and movements.

The Washing machine has to be dismantled completely for replacing the bearing. The washing machine bearing is fixed on the inner and outer drum supported by a shaft and belt drive. While replacing the bearing, ensure proper tools are used. Here, you will find step by step guide to replacing your washing machine bearings. Ensure you have purchased a suitable bearing to replace. We don’t recommend our customers to do this by themself; we offer an expert team for washing machine repair service at an affordable price. Call us to book your repair service today.

Step-by-step guide for replacing the washing machine bearing:

  • Unplug your washing machine from the power source.
  • Ensure there is no laundry in the washing machine.
  • Check if anything is stuck between the inner and outer drums.
  • Remove all front and back panels from the washing machine.
  • Remove the electrical panel from the washing machine.
  • Ensure you remove safely the wires plugged into the Electrical panel.
  • Remove the bottom and top plates from the washing machine.
  • Remove the drain pump connections and drain hose connections.
  • Remove the water inlet and outlet connections from the drum.
  • Remove the counterweights supporting the outer drum.
  • Remove the mechanical supports between the outer drum and body of the washing machine.
  • Remove the electrical connections between the drum and the electrical panel wired inside the washing machine body.
  • Remove the belt connected to the motor and outer drum bottom belt drive.
  • Remove the outer drum from the washing machine.
  • Dismantle the inner drum and the outer drum assembly.
  • Dismantle the inner drum from the outer drum.
  • Remove the belt drive connected to the outer drum.
  • Remove the outer drum assembly.
  • Remove the old bearing from the inner drum and outer drum.
  • Clean the shaft on the inner drum.
  • Clean the inner drum and outer drum surface to place the new bearing.
  • Apply lubricants, grease, and suitable paste to hold the bearing.
  • Fix the new bearing and check the rotation.
  • Fix the inner drum and outer drum assembly.
  • Fix the belt drive and connect the belt with the motor.
  • Check the rotation and ensure it is fixed properly.
  • Fix all bolts tightly and fix the drum assembly in the washing machine body.
  • Fix the counterweights on the drum.
  • Fix the mechanical supports and drum assembly inside the washing machine cubicle properly.
  • Fix the water inlet and outlet connections.
  • Fix the drain pump and drain hose. Check for any leakages.
  • Fix all electrical connections properly.
  • Fix the top and bottom plates firmly.
  • Fix all front and back panels firmly.
  • Plug the electrical wires into the electrical panel and fix it in the washing machine.
  • Ensure no loose connections and all mechanical bolts and screws are fixed properly.
  • Switch on the washing machine and check if it works properly.
  • Cross-check all functions and ensure it is fully functional and no more noise.
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washing machine repair in bangalore

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