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A typical Laundry machine has several Mechanical, electrical and electronic parts. As an Electrical and Electronics home appliance service repair agency we face several issues while repairing Washing Machines. Let us learn about few basic Parts of Washing machine. A typical Manual Belt drive Laundry machine shall have a Power Supply unit, Front Control Panel, Timers, Inner Tub, Outer tub, Water Pump, Agitator, Motor, Drain Hose, Water Inlet, etc.,

Washing Machine drum or inner tub is the important rotating part of the washing machine where laundry is loaded for washing supported by an agitator and outer drum. The inner tub usually has a sealed drain which is operated after completion of washing time, operated manually to drain the water. It is made with several water level settings and the inner tub is made of smooth edges and holes for washing.

Comparatively we get more servicing calls for washing machine repair than other home appliances. Usually the complaint is not working. It is due to blocked drainage or electrical parts failures, Motor repair, loose belts or broken parts in the washing machine. First thing we always check for is if there is any cloth stuck between the inner tub and outer tub which is blocking the rotation of the inner tub. Sometimes it is possible that a laundry dropped between the inner tub and outer tub and the machine stops working. Sometimes the water drain is blocked due to issues where a small piece of cloth is stuck in the drain point.

The rotation of the inner drum is supported by belts and an Electrical motor which rotates in both directions. The Timer changes the phase sequence and motor attached to the inner drum with belts results in rotation in both directions in semi auto mode. The Rotation of the inner drum can be controlled by the front control panel with a timer setting.

The inner tubs are mostly made of Plastic or metal depending on the design and brand of the manufacturer. The other parts can easily be replaced or repaired. The inner tub cannot be repaired and it is very difficult to replace or repair if broken. The manufacturer may have these spare parts or may not have this in stock. So getting this inner tub replaced is very difficult. Sometimes if the inner tub is broken we suggest our customers replace the whole machine with a better one.

We always care about attending to our customers timely with the best possible solutions as early as possible. Washing machines are the most misused and overlooked appliance at home. As in some cases we are not able to repair the washing machines. We recommend our customers to replace it with a better one as a better solution. Our team of experts and service staff are always available for your service. We are working on every call and repair request from customer’s day in and out. We are here to support you for better service, and customer support as always. Our services are economical and comparatively less priced compared to other service providers. Please visit or call us whenever you need our services.

We are looking forward to your service call and we hope that this article has information which addresses the critical part of the laundry machine inner tub. We suggest always looking at laundry while loading. It is always better to ask ourselves WHERE IS THE WASHING MACHINE DRUM.

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