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Noisy Washing Machine Needs To Be Fixed

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Nov 28. Let Me Repair.

Are you wondering why your washing machine dryer makes such strange grinding noises? When belt buckles, open zippers, or loose coins tumble in the dryer drum, they might make rattling noises. While the noise from your dryer might seem strange, many noises have common causes that can be easily fixed. Use the troubleshooting guide for the noisy dryer below for the most common noises and instructions to prevent them and improve the dryer like before.

Dryer making a pounding noise

It's frequently the case that your washing machine or dryer isn't at the flat level and that is why it makes loud hammering noises. Make sure the dryer's leveling legs are all positioned equally on the floor by inspecting them. However, the legs can be moved up or down to provide proper seating, and if the leg is missing or damaged, it needs to be replaced.

Dryer making a scraping noise

When your washing machine dryer is tumbling, something is probably stuck in the drum seam if it makes a noise that resembles scraping. Coins are the most common case, but there can also be paper clips, buttons, or other tiny stray objects that may get caught in the dryer seam along the drum's front or back as it tumbles. Stop the drying process and inspect the seam for any stuck items. Remove the stuck or stray objects. Always check your pockets before putting clothes in the washer or dryer to be sure nothing is loose.

Dryer making a screeching noise

While the homeowner can fix certain dryer noises, squealing sounds frequently signify a malfunction of a part of a dryer. When the following parts fail, they can generate a screeching sound, demanding professional washing machine dryer repair:

  • Drum glides:The front of the dryer drum is supported by these pieces of plastic. The drum will rotate straight on its metal frame when the plastic wears away, making a screeching noise.
  • Drive belt:The dryer drum is encircled by this thin rubber belt, which is connected to the motor by means of two pulleys. The belt may break or fray with time, creating a screeching sound as the drum rotates.
  • Idler pulley:As the drum rotates, the idler pulley tightens the drive belt to keep it taut. The pulley may become worn out after several high-speed rotation cycles, which will cause a screeching sound to occur during tossing.

Whether it's choosing when to clean dryer vents or analyzing a noisy washing machine dryer, our experts have the answer. For all of your laundry appliance issues, call LetMeRepair!

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