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It’s not easy when you have to deal with a broken washing machine. This is especially true if it’s your only way to do laundry. We know that you have a lot of questions and we want to provide some answers for you. Following are the solutions to the common problems caused by IFB Washing machines:

IFB Washing Machine Leaking Water:

Leaking of water from the washing machine might be because of minor problems or major repairs. But before you start to panic, remember that the leak may have been caused because the washing machine is not at the level or properly loaded, or maybe because of loose hose connections, worn out or improperly fitted hose washers, or also because of clogged drains.

Solution: Make sure to check the balance of the machine and that the washer basket is not out of place to prevent water from splashing out of the machine.

Inspect each hose, and secure any loose connections. Ensure that the hose washers are positioned correctly in the hose and are not cracked or broken.

Also, check if there are any leaks in the water lines and faucets. Verify that the washer is draining well and lint, a stray sock or hair is not clogging the drain hose.

IFB Washing Machine is not filling up water or not starting:

Here are a few easy things you should check before calling a repairman. The cause of water not filling up in the washer must be related to hoses, water inlet valves, lid switch or circuit breaker.

Solution: Look for the water supply. Both water inlet valves must be open, and both hoses must be connected. Ensure that the hoses are not kinked and that the inlet valve screens are clear of any cloggings.

Check the power cord is properly plugged in and that the outlet is receiving electricity. Check the circuit breakers if they are tripped then you need to replace them. Clean inside the lid switch, as lint and dirt, can cause the switch to jam or malfunction. Gently remove all the debris by cleaning it with rubbing alcohol and a cotton swab.

IFB Washing Machine Vibrating too much:

The possibility of the washing machine vibrating too much includes a load of laundry that is not balanced, the feet of the machine is not locked or in contact with the floor, or the washing machine might not be levelled.

Solution: Rearrange the laundry load. Make sure the feet of the machine are in firm contact with the floor. Keep the washer at a balanced level and then tighten the nuts to prevent the legs and feet from shifting.

Check for sagging in the floor. To keep your washer at an optimum level, you might need to place a piece of plywood underneath it.

IFB Washing Machine Making Weird Noises:

Clogged drains, objects caught and internal sensors in the washing machine can all result in a buzzing, clicking or gurgling of the washer, making weird noises

Solution: Before starting your washing cycle, always check and empty all the pockets of the clothes. Close all zippers and snaps, and take off any belts or other embellishments. Because objects stuck in the washer drain may be the source of the clicking.

But if you hear an unusual loud gurgling sound as the wash cycle drains, it may be a sign that the washer drain pipe is partially clogged. Before tragedy arrives, take action to clear the obstacles!

IFB washer is not Draining or Spinning

The main cause of these issues comes from improper loading of clothes, clogged hoses, blockages or even too much use of detergent.

Solution: If you are someone who clears the pockets of clothes every time before loading them into the washing machine, some small items could still be missed. Coins, buttons, a small piece of crayon or even a small sock can get caught in the pump or between the basket and tub resulting in slow or blocked draining. Check if anything is stuck in the pump.

Improperly loaded or overloaded washers may become unbalanced and unable to spin properly. Adjust or redistribute the clothes or remove some to allow the washer to spin.

Avoid using too much detergent. The draining process can be slowed down and the washer can malfunction due to too many suds.

We at your service:

If you are too overwhelmed to try these solutions or if you tried and nothing worked, we understand it can be frustrating. You may not know where to approach for help. That's where we come in. LetMeRepair offers repair services in Bangalore for washing machines that will get your machine up and running again in no time. Do not panic, we are just one call away.

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