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How To Use Washing Machine Dryer proper way

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Nov 20. Let Me Repair.

Washing machine dryers are among the most useful household appliances, but if misused, you can waste power and gas while potentially damaging your clothes and linens. If you are just learning how to use a dryer and unsure where to start, you need not worry. With a bit of practice, you will learn to identify which clothing are appropriate for machine drying and which should be air-dried. You will correctly adjust the heat levels and timer once you know what has to be dried.

Check Care Label:

Check the inner label of each piece of clothing for the drying care directions. By doing this, you'll be able to prevent materials not designed to dry in high heat from shrinking, melting, or being damaged. Some clothes recommend not to tumble dry, while others encourage low-heat tumble drying. To prevent damage, let delicate clothing items air dry.

Untangle Wet Clothes:

Before putting damp clothing in the washing machine dryer, remove all the extra water from the clothes using the spin cycle. After that, untangle and shake out all your clothing. Tangled clothes may not dry completely or at all in the dryer. Before drying delicate clothing, place them in mesh bags. The mesh bags will keep them from being twisted or damaged during tumble drying.

Choose the Temperature:

Choose a drying temperature depending on the type and quantity of wet laundry you have to ensure that your clothing dries with the proper heat setting in an effective amount of time. Depending on brands and models, the drying temperatures may be labeled from regular to low or air dry/ air fluff. Use the usual heat setting for everyday clothes and cotton items such as towels and sheets. If you forget your dried load of laundry in the dryer for a day or two, use the air fluff or air dry option to give those clothes a new life and eliminate any creases.

Choose the Time:

Choose the drying time depending on the type and number of clothing in the dryer. A dryer's timing dial will most likely be divided into sections similar to the heat setting. It might feature different sections for delicates, cotton, and casuals so you can match the tumbling time with the temperature. If you have a medium load of everyday clothing and the temperature is regular, set the timer for the cotton and optimum drying phase. Later, adjust accordingly.

Choose An Extended Tumble Cycle:

If you don't want the clothing to wrinkle and you're going to fold it right after it finishes drying, choose the extended tumble cycle, and turn on this setting.

Start The Drying Cycle:

Before starting the drying cycle, turn on the buzzing sound signal dial if you don't want your laundry to relax and wrinkle in the dryer. Make sure the dryer door is shut. Now, press the start button if you are good to go.

Check The Laundry:

When the washing machine shuts off, ensure the load is entirely dry. Some of the items might not dry even after the cycle is finished; in that case, put the clothes back into the machine and set the timer for 10 to 20 minutes if they still feel moist.

Don't Forget The Lint Trap:

When your load of laundry is entirely dry, empty the lint trap. It's necessary to clean the lint trap between loads of drying clothes. If left unchecked for a long enough period of time, a lint buildup might potentially cause harm to the machine and possibly become a fire risk.

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