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Washihg Machine Drain Pump Leaking

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The Drain Pumps are usually found in the automatic washing machines. Commonly in semi-automatic washing machines, the drain is manual and designed for gravity. In automatic machines the drain pumps are timed in such a way that it has to drain the water by itself using a timer and pump which is used to push the water outside the machine through drain hose. Unlike manual and semi-automatic machines most of the laundry in automatic machines like water inlet, wash time, spin time, water outlet, drain and drying is controlled by logic control units. The Drain pumps in automatic machines usually get blocked due to small particles, debris, dirt and starts leaking. When the drain pump stops functioning, control panel starts beeping with an error message that the washing machine is unable to drain the water.

In most of the washing machines the drain pump is easily accessible from rear panel with a small plate opening. When the drain pump is not functioning properly the water clogged in washing machine pours out. This can also be a reason for water leakage from you washing machine.

The Drain pump has water inlet, water out let, filters, electrical coil and a magnetic rotating shaft. When, there are any small dust particles or small debris inside the pump, it stops functioning and results in leakage. Sometimes the excess water inside the pump can damage the pump coil. And in this case we recommend our customers to replace the drain pump.

There are several types of drain pumps available in the market. Ensure you choose the correct and suitable pump for your washing machine. It is recommended to use the same product code from the manufacturer and select the same product for replacement. We store genuine products in our store to avoid any duplicates and low quality spare parts. Visit our website to choose drain pump from several options available online for purchase.

To repair drain pump leakage, follow below steps. We don’t recommend our customers to repair washing machine by themselves. We offer expert service at your door step. Call us and book an appointment for all repair services. For more details visit our website.

Steps to repair your drain pump:

  • Unplug your washing machine from electrical source.
  • Remove the rear panel where the drain pump is located.
  • Remove the drain hose.
  • Remove the electrical connections from the drain pump.
  • Remove the drain pump assembly from the washing machine.
  • Remove the water inlet and outlet points of the pump.
  • Check if the motor is damaged, using a tester.
  • If yes, change the pump with new pump.
  • If not, clean the pump from small particles and debris.
  • Clean the filters inside the pump.
  • Fix the assembly and pump back to the machine.
  • Fix the electrical connections
  • Fix the back plate firmly.
  • Switch on the washing machine and check if it is functioning properly.
  • Check all functions of the machine. See if there is any leakage further.
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washing machine repair in bangalore

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