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About Washing Machine Repair services

Don’t worry about water leakage or fire short circuit, or any mishaps with Washing Machine. Despite the brand you own, you can avoid the heavy repair and maintenance costs with Let Me Repair. We provide you with easy tips and maintenance guidelines when we repair washing machine repair services.

Ensuring your washing machine is safe and functions better, saving your time, money, and worry; let me repair offers Washing Machine Repair Services in Bangalore and surrounding areas. Understanding repairs of Washing machines and dryers are stressful, we make sure that your washing machine lasts longer with the best repair services required. Creating a convenient appliance experience let me repair makes your household’s appliance investments worth, and last longer than expected! Call us or write to us to check Washing Machine Repair near you for at-home repair services.


How does Let Me Repair work?

You can get in touch with us by either sharing your number or by filling out the book online form.

Does Let Me Repair Provide video call assistance?

Yes, we do provide Video call assistance in case of minor issues and you can also share the video or image of the damage to the machine to get the quotation online.

What are the charges of Let me Repair for inspection visit?

It would be Rs.250

Is it worth repairing a 5-year-old washing machine?

Yes, if the cost is 50% of the repair, at Let me repair we provide a clear and transparent quotation

The average cost of washing machine repair?

It starts from 250 and will be less than 50% of your machine cost

Do you provide washing machine spare parts buy online option?

Yes, we do provide washing machine spare parts buy online option and also help you in replacements. All you have to do is share your address and a suitable time to visit you for the repair services.

Can I buy all the brands of washing machine spare parts with the buy online option?

Yes, you can place the order for all the brand washing machine spare parts; we will come to your doorstep and make sure to fit them right in your washing machine.


Once in 3 months run your washing machine without clothes, using the cleaning powder for maintenance wash; you can use customized programs available on your washing machine or if they are not available you can select the hot water setting for a typical load. Just toss detergent in it, or the washing machine cleaning powder. If you like a little extra sparkle and a good smell, then add some vinegar or colored ammonia. Never use cloths in your maintenance wash. Use hot water mode to lightly run the machine to it clean and running after its maintenance. The process of washing machine maintenances lessens the risk of intense flooding of the machine if something goes wrong.

  • braided hoses cleaning

To start your maintenance make sure you unplug the washing machine and turn off. To work comfortably, make sure that you move the washing machine a few feet away from the wall slowly. Next step, make sure that you turn off the hot and cold water valves. Remove the drain hose from the drain; check if it has any cracks and if it has do replace it with the same type of hose. Let me repair with washing machine repair in Bangalore offers spare parts of all major brands. You can get in touch with us or write to us for the replacement. Use a towel under the supply hoses to hold any water from the pipe; then remove the hoses with a pair of rigged-joint adjustable pliers.

Make sure you clean the debris and sediment in the filter screens of the washing machine, or it will slow the flow of water from the washing machine. Check the filters and clean the buildup with a bristle brush. Replace new braided hoses: Let me repair will help you in replacement or you can do it by screwing the hose fittings onto the machine threads; then tightening them gently with pliers. Make sure the hose is lengthy enough to allow the machine to move when necessary, typically around 60 inches

Connect the water supply at the end of braided hoses to the water supply tap, as you connect them to the machine. Make sure the pipe matches the hose with the water supply valve, for both hot and cold ends are connected correctly with the water supply. Check if there are any leaks from the open valves. Reconnect the drain hose to the drain.

  • Drip pan

Any leaks from the machine will drip into the pan under your washing machine. The best drip pans have a drain so that any water that collects can be diverted to the floor drain. Make sure that water is not leaking whenever you run a load.

  • Dryer cleaning

Clean the lint trap, pull out your dryer’s lint screen and push a brush straight down into the trap. To clean the lint trap at the bottom move the brush in circles. Check with a flashlight to make sure the trap is clean. The vacuum cleaner can also help pick up the remaining lint. It is safe to remove all the lint as a safety precaution, or it may lead to fire due to the intense heat of your dryer.

  • Duct cleaning

Clean the ductwork disconnecting it from the dryer exhaust and the exterior vent. If the duct of your washing machine is made of plastic or ribbed metal, replace them. If the duct is a metal smooth wall then you can take it outside to clean it with a round brush and all the other parts.

  • Vent cleaning

Spinning the vent brush by cleaning it from the outside, you can insert the brush inside the duct that leads outside. Move back and forth to clean the bristles, Repeat the process to remove the bristles from the exhaust hood. Clean it carefully cleans without shoving the lint out with the brush, or it may create a clog.

  • Reassemble

After cleaning the washing machine reassemble the joints metal ductwork and seal with aluminum tape. Avoid using screws to connect the sections, as they might cause build-up due to snag lint. Make sure that the ends of the ductwork fit onto the dryer’s exhaust and vent hood without any tape or hose clamps.

Place your washing machine back in place and make sure to check your hoses and cleaning ducts every six months. Let me Repair will provide you with all brands of washing machine hoses and cleaning duct replacement. Make sure that you replace it five years once and the installation date will help you to track the replacement date.

If you take care of your washing machines with these basic maintenance instructions, your appliances will last longer, run better, and use less energy by saving you money and time.

Washing machine cleaning tablets

Let me Repair offers Washing machine cleaning powder and cleaning tablets along with major brands like LG, Samsung, and IFB. Handling both onsite and online Washing Machine Repair Services in Bangalore, we are available on call, our services at-home services on the same day with online booking.

Let me repair offers Washing machine cleaning powder and cleaning tablets. The Washing machine cleaning powder is used for deep cleaning the machines. The powder descales the machine, improves drum drainage and wash quality. Eliminating odor caused by the residues and filth left behind after everyday load.

Enhancing machine life makes the appliance dirt-free, and removes microorganisms prolonging the life of the appliances. The Washing machine cleaning powder works effectively, as it dissolves and removes all kinds of limescale from the appliances.

The Washing machine cleaning powder removes gunk, without damaging the door seals or rubber gaskets of the washing machine. It is an effective cleaner that is tough on grime but gentle with washing machine parts. It breaks down residue and water deposits while killing bacteria and microbes.

Let me repair repairmen visit your place and guide you on how to use the washing machine cleaning powder. All that you have to do is to put the powder directly into the main wash chamber or into the drum, making sure the drum is empty. Choose the program with 40 -degree hot water. Clean and reinstall the fluff filter after washing. Finally, select the rinsing program to run plain water in the empty machine.

We provide Washing machine cleaning powder and cleaning tablets, suitable for all major brands of washing machines. Ensuring it is effective and enables regular descaling; will lower your repair cost and prevents additional damage to the washing machine.


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